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Painless Disposable Skin Staplers

For years I had been going to the vets with my own working dogs and paying huge sums of money to get the smallest of skin tears sealed, which they always did with a skin stapler, whilst being asked many unnecessary questions on any injuries that my dogs had sustained albeit how innocent. The benefit of a skin stapler is that wherever you are and whatever the skin injury you can take control, mend the wound yourself with little cost and quick recovery time. 

Sealed in packaging and sterile until opened, the staple unit comes with a special angled head for getting in those awkward places. The unit holds 35 wide stainless steel staples with an easy read viewer showing how many are left. As each staple is inside the unit this avoids cross contamination or infection of many contagious diseases when being used on more than one animal/person. These are ideal for any situation where you need to quickly and easily close a skin tear wound on or off the field. 


Skin staplers are a painless method used by vets to treat rips and skin tears on animals as they speed up the time of closing a wound. Ideal for hounds, working terriers, greyhounds, lurchers, gun dogs, horses, livestock and people, who wish to treat their own animals and save lots of money. 


Skin staplers are used by the M.O.D. and are perfect for every farmer, field sportsman, fisherman, rock climber or person working outdoors away from medical help. This is a must for every first aid kit as is sterile until opened, will be there for when you need it. 

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